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5 Things To Do When You Hate Your Mother In Law

  There is no denying that mother-in-law relationships can be difficult. However, some mothers-in-law go too far, becoming toxic and causing problems for their husbands and children. Here are five things you can do when you HATE your mother-in-law (MIL).  5 Things To Do When You Hate Your Mother In Law 1 - Set Boundaries (She Does Not Have The Right To Disrespect You)  When you first start dating your husband, you may be excited to expand your social circles and become closer to his family. However, as time goes on, it becomes clear that one of his family members is a toxic mother-in-law.  If you're feeling overwhelmed by the tension this woman is creating in your relationship, it's essential to set boundaries.  Don't feel like you have to agree with her every opinion. It's okay to have different opinions than she does, and it's even more critical that you respect each other's points of view.  Make sure you're communicating effectively with your husband abou

How do I stop being drained by energy vampires?


How do I stop being drained by energy vampires?
How do I stop being drained by energy vampires?

If you find that you're frequently feeling drained by energy vampires, there are a few things you can do to stop them from draining your energy. 

First, identify the people or situations in your life that are constantly sucking the life out of you. 

Once you know who is draining your energy, plan to avoid them or limit how much energy they take from you.

How do I stop being drained by energy vampires?

What are energy vampires, and what do they do to us?

Energy vampires are people or things that consume energy without providing anything in return. They can be your own body or the environment around you. 

Energy vampires can take away your energy, make you sick, and even kill you. There are ways to protect yourself from energy vampires, and there are ways to stop them from draining your energy.

How can we identify energy vampires and stop being drained by them?

We are surrounded by people and things that suck our energy daily. We may not even be consciously aware, but these energy vampires are draining our vitality. 

  1. Look for people or things that constantly demand your attention. If something or someone always needs your time and energy, they may be a drain on you.
  2. Pay attention to how you feel after interacting with this person or thing. Are you drained? Do you have a headache afterward? If so, it might be worth reconsidering how much time you spend with this person or thing.
  3. Observe your reactions when this person or thing isn't around. Do you start feeling more energetic? Is your mood lighter?

How can we protect ourselves against being drained by energy vampires?

We can do a few things to protect ourselves from being drained by energy vampires. 

  • Firstly, be aware of who is sucking the life out of us and try to distance ourselves from them. 
  • Secondly, make sure our devices are appropriately plugged in and not using too much power. 
  • And lastly, be conscious of how much energy we're using and try to conserve it.


In conclusion, it's essential to know how your energy is being used and start setting boundaries for yourself. 

You can also develop healthy self-care habits, such as getting enough sleep, exercise, and sunlight. 

Finally, remember to communicate with those draining your energy- be open and honest about how you feel so that they can understand and adjust their behavior accordingly.


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